Ion Micro Analysis Group -  IMAG

With more than 20 years of experience in the FIB technology business, we know what you need.

The founder of Ion Micro Analysis Group has years of high quality experience working in this industry under his belt.  After creating a very successful company already, Sean and his team are here to cater you with your needs and are here to perform to the best of their abilities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to attain our customers with high valued service.We will work our hardest and satisfy our customer needs with  most competitively priced service. And overall, becoming your number one choice.

Our Values


We, at IMAG, commit to provide the best service to our nationwide customers.

Professionalism and Innovation

We work to be the leader in the FIB service industry.  IMAG strives to develop innovative problem solving solutions based on our past knowledge and experience.


Quality is the cornerstone of all of our activities.  We produce high quality products and services. Our experts are trustworthy, quality-oriented, and dependable people who always do their best to meet the customer’s needs.