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TEM/SEM Sample Preparation

Focused Ion Beam proven to be a very useful TEM sample preparation tool.  It capable to handle various kind of materials. We utilize DualBeam techniques to prepare location sensitive and precise samples for TEM or SEM X-sections.

FIB Cross Sectioning and Imaging

Focuse Ion Beam (FIB) is used to create a precise site specific cross sections  (100 nm or less accuracy).  It has the advantage over other technique. Usually the it will take 10-30 min to finish a normal size X-section (less than 20um in size). 

SEM Imaging

SEM imaging is scanning the materials surface with a very fine focused electron beam, it will excite the atoms near the surface region and generate secondary electrons. After the electrons collected by the SE detector and the signal magnifier by a photo multiplier tube, the signal will be digitized and displayed as a grey scale image on computer.  It is widely used in material analysis field. Modern SEM resolutions can reach up to 0.5nm.  This is proven to be an important tool for micro-structure analysis projects.

Nano Structure Manufacturing

FIB has proven to be a very flexible tool for Micro and Nano structure prototyping. Engineers and researchers use it to manufacture miniature structures. We utilize FIB  beams to fabricate special nano scale samples based on the customers needs.

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